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BFX Global Services is an AGI Enterprises Inc subsidiary.  AGI Enterprises was formerly known as Allaxoun Group with a dba GreenWave Technology Corp.


BFX Global Services is an expert integrator of BigFix Technology as well as experts in the field of Enterprise Based Computer/Network Security; Mobile Application Development, Strategy and Security; and Premiere Professional Services Consultants for IBM Worldwide and HCL Americas.

We are an American Company and our principals and employees are all US Citizens, many of whom carry special US government clearance levels. Our primary customer base is in the United States and Canada, however, we also have international customers in the Caribbean, Central America, and Eastern Europe, and we are able to service customers who speak English, French and Spanish.

Our technology team has over a hundred and seventy-six years of combined expertise dedicated to Solution Architecting and Computer Engineering. Our customer focus is strictly related to BigFix Technology with professional services, education and offerings to maximize their technology investments, this allows for us to keep the company’s mission simple: to help our customers get the most out of every BigFix dollar that they spend.

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