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HCL BigFix (formerly Tivoli Endpoint Manager) is an endpoint security solution that lets you see, understand and act on endpoint threats fast. BigFix delivers complete management and security to all endpoints (Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Mobile) across the entire network with real-time visibility and closed-loop process on the lifecycle of each device, using a single server for up to 250,000 endpoints utilizing a single port and intelligent agent.


The core differentiation lies in its security policy management capabilities with fully automated remediation. The product includes an extensive library of compliance templates with matching remediation action content for DISA, STIG, FDCC, SCAP, and USGCB. Another differentiator is that the tool’s intelligence is on the endpoint, rather than the server. This allows the agent to actively discover a deviation from policy and execute remediation, rather than rely on a predefined schedule of system scans and subsequent server-side reporting. This enables organizations to maintain higher degrees of configuration compliance. HCL's solution is a particularly good fit for heavily regulated industries and government.

HCL BigFix Platform Solutions


OS Patching

3rd Party App Patching

Offline Patching


Patch Management
Asset Discovery
SW Distribution
Advance Patching
Remote Control
OS Deployment
Power Management
Sequenced Task Automation


With IBM License Metric Tool, you can maintain an up-to-date inventory of software assets that are installed in your infrastructure, gather information about your hardware, and ensure license compliance of your enterprise. You always know what software you have, where it is, and how it is used.


Complete Software / Hardware Inventory
Software Usage Reporting
Software Tagging
Software Catalog Correlation


Asset Discovery
Patch Management
Software Distribution

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Patch Management
Security Configuration Management
Vulnerability Assessment
Compliance Analytics
3rd Party Anti-virus Management
Self Quarantine
PCI DSS (Add-On)

Please contact us for more information in regards to these different BigFix offerings.

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