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Incorporated in the State of New York on July 19, 2009, as Allaxoun Group Inc; Allaxoun was the brainchild of then COO Tanyalynnette Palmo in collaboration with her then-husband Michael J. Palmo.  The company was founded over a dinner conversation between the founders while discussing the prospect of a void in the marketplace due to the impending acquisition of BigFix (the company and software) by IBM; the acquisition would create a great void of qualified BigFix Technology partners, and those that were available seemed to be having a difficult time satisfying their customers with true SME level expertise.  These other providers had broad and impressive skills in lots of different products, but they were either not knowledgeable enough about BigFix or they had limited understanding of its business value. 

From the day Allaxoun (d/b/a GreenWave Tech Corp) was started, the foundation of then the next ten years was set, Allaxoun would be committed to becoming experts in just one product, BigFix Technology, and its relevance for success with customers’ integration of the technology into their day-to-day businesses.   

The plan was a great success!  Not only did customers like this approach, but they also appreciated that Allaxoun could speak to the multifaceted solutions of BigFix and support the company’s adoption of more efficient processes and risk management procedures using BigFix Technology to reduce vulnerabilities, secure assets and enhance software and hardware inventory knowledge consistently. The DBA GreenWave Technology Corp was filed in August 2009 as was a signifier of the dedication to the commitment of Allaxoun to helping companies utilize the Power Management feature of BigFix to reduce the energy consumption of IT assets and the marriage of vulnerability risk mitigation.

In December of 2015, due to aging parents, a personal decision was made to move Allaxoun/GreenWave out of New York and relocate the entire base of operations to Phenix City, AL (Columbus GA and Ft, Benning GA) so that Tanyaynnette could be closer to her mother who was significantly ill at the time.  The New York-based corporation was closed, and due to federal naming restrictions, AGI Enterprises (meaning Allaxoun Group Internationally) was created as an Alabama based corporation.  GreenWave Tech Corp was adopted as the DBA, and the company was deemed to be the same company by the IRS for tax and entity purposes so all assets and contracts were assigned to the newly formed corporation.

December 2016, AGI makes it’s first million dollars in services revenue in a single year! Thanks primarily to the company’s significant involvement with the DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM Project) in collaboration with BoozAllen Hamilton, in partnership with CAS Severn and the Department of Homeland Security, AGI will continue to produce over a million dollars each subsequent year. Tanyalynnette Grimes-Palmo, CEO; was the BigFix Chief Architect for the Security Tools team and several AGI employees where BigFix SME Engineers at over 44 major and sub-agencies for the US Federal Government agencies in CDM Task Order 2B(Bravo) and 2D(Delta) CDM contract.

May 2019, in anticipation of employee granted shares, outside investors, and launching of the new content automation platform, BFX Global Services was adopted as the new DBA Designator for AGI Enterprises.  GreenWave Tech Corp (as DBA) is retired as use

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