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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Mandated Remote Workers, But how do you manage the company assets?


What you Need to know

   Your work force is now remote-working. How do you manage IT issues that will arise?


           BFX Global Services has a solution: BFX Hosted Endpoint Management

Get your mobile computing devices under secure management within minute with our seamless remote management solution that will allow you to have full visibility into the vulnerability and potential risk of your computers, but also protect your computers from unauthorized 3rd party software installs, anti-virus and anti-malware silent scans and continue your OS Patching routines all while your end users are happily quarantined at home.

            Real-Time /Any-Time / Any-Where  

              24/7 Coverage 365 Days a year

Monitoring for Risk Mitigation, Vulnerability Remediation, Software Installation and More

Ensure your workforce’s remote devices are healthy, patched, and have the required software to allow your business to continue functioning smoothly and safely

24/7 Monitoring & Reporting: Priced per month per endpoint

Real-Time Reporting Includes:

Hosted Patch Management Includes:

Software Distribution:

We are able to get most* businesses back to IT Compliance within 24 hours!


Vulnerability Remediation: Priced per month per month per endpoint

  • Self-Service Portals

  • New installation & re-installations of software

  • Vulnerability Levels

  • Software Versions Installed

  • OS patching (Win, Mac, Linux)

  • 3rd Party Application Patching

Don’t let remote work be the cause of lost productivity or worse case the cause of a security breach. 


For more Information please contact: Chris Lumpkin / / 443-616-8083


*with approvals and cooperation from the businesses with deployment approvals and remediation approvals

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