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Maximize The Use of Your Current BigFix Environment 

  • Your BigFix deployment appears to have slowed down, information is not being updated or there appears to be periodic performance issues

  • You have issues with your BigFix Relays. Managed endpoints reporting to specific Relays may appear to have become slow or completely unresponsive

  • Modules have not been fully implemented or are not functioning as expected

  • You want to make sure BigFix is fully being utilized correctly by your staff


  • Review of your deployment by a BigFix specialist

  • Improved ROI for your software investment

  • Gain visibility into the actual health of your current deployment

  • Develop the confidence to manage and maintain your BigFix deployment yourself

  • Leverage our years of experience with systems management and proven best practices



A 4 Hour remote environment health check service for any size customers. This service is especially recommended for customers who have done a lot of custom work or any 3rd party integrations prior to proceeding with any software version upgrades.

Key activities typically include:

  • Review the hardware, configuration, and settings of the BigFix server and database;

  • Review of the overall deployment usage, configurations, and settings against BigFix best-practices for BigFix consoles and BigFix agents;

  • Review BigFix deployment details, configurations and bandwidth throttling;

  • BigFix client agent responsiveness and any other performance tests deemed necessary


This offering consists no more than four (4) hours to be delivered remotely via a secure web conference.

If you require a service that is not listed, please contact us.

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