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CEO and Founder

President / Chairman of the Board

A CEO, Mom of a tribe, and lifelong Girl Scout - Tanyalynnette is a college graduate with advanced degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, Theology, and Medieval Literature ( a true Renaissance Women).  She considers herself to be a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about using her business skills and experience to help other women-owned small businesses develop strategies and sales formulated growth plans to help revitalize the Micropolis small business market to be sustainable.

A noted pioneer in Technology Innovation and Integration, Tanyalynnette works with companies across the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe on how to take control of their Internet brands, to become trailblazers in reaching their tribes, and to become effective and efficient with their internal technology. She also assists companies in understanding their technical security vulnerabilities and devising solutions to protect corporate and customer private data. Tanyalynnette has spent 25 years in the Information Technology field and is kinda-a-rockstar with all that crazy computer stuff.

Known affectionately as the indisputable "Queen of BigFix", Tanyalynnette launched AGI Enterprises (formerly known as the Allaxoun Group, Inc) & BFX Global Services over 10 years ago, prior to which, she was the Technical Director of Sales Engineering, U.S. Eastern Division for BigFix, Inc (prior to IBM acquisition) for almost six years where she oversaw the daily operations of the technical sales support staff for enterprise sales solutions at BigFix, a global leader in security configuration management and convergent architecture. She has worked for numerous local, state and federal agencies on the implementation and integration of risk mitigation and vulnerability remediation technologies, converting legacy technologies, improving IT inefficiencies, process design, and systems architecture. She has also worked for such companies as ABC (Albany Broadcasting Company), Knight-Ridder and Matthew Bender/Lexus-Nexus. Tanyalynnette holds numerous technical certifications and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. She is an industry expert in IT-related environmental sustainability and was involved in the NYSERDA Desktop Energy Reduction Study for the State of New York.

Tanyalynnette’s main responsibility is directing the vision for BFX Global Services & the AGI Enterprises, Inc with planning, developing, communicating, and executing strategies while leveraging better, more efficient processes, organizational design, and information technologies to support these strategies.

Proudly, Tanyalynnette is also the CEO of Essentially Simple Brands, Micropolis Restoration Group, and Geek Girl & Co.; as well as the lead strategist for several small businesses and startup ventures.

She is currently enrolled at the Harvard-Kenedy School of Government and Public Administration with the intention to get an advanced degree in Consumer-Psychology and Economics.  She is working on the development of an Economic theory of Humanistic Employment Modeling.  Additionally, Tanyalynnette is also pursuing developmental work in human consciousness thru the InnerVisions Institute studying underneath Dr.Iyanla Vanzant and faculty for the intention to learn how and be able to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness thru CF and IAC Core Coaching Competencies using Universal Law and Spiritual Principles in the process of becoming a certified Life/Business Coach and Minister of Human Spiritual Consciousness.



Director of Client Services and Business Strategy

In his crucial role with BFX Global, Chris is a hands-on manager and engineer responsible for all technical engagements of BFX and all our related sub-contracting vendors. Not only is he a BigFIx expert, he excels at project management and strategic planning. With a diverse IT background, Chris utilizes his 25+ years of experience and his unique intuitive ability to further the company vision by aligning business needs with technology solutions. 

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Director of Field Engineering, Senior BigFix Field Engineer

Matthew brings over 9 IT-related years of experience with 5 of those years having a direct focus on BigFix technology. With a passion for helping customers meet their IT related security goals, he has focused on developing in-depth working relationships across multiple customers and business units, while providing a solutions-driven, customer-centric approach to data-security challenges, including the design of cybersecurity solutions such as security assessments, infrastructure design, deployment, testing and the delivery of new security products and services.

Matt leads the charge with our engineering team and with the help of James, he makes sure every engineer keeps on top of their A-game with continual innovation and pushing the boundaries on BigFix Technology to develop great strategies for our clients.

Matt lives in Alexandria with his beautiful, intelligent and amazing fiance (Seriously, he's lucky she said Yes)


Director of Training and Staff Development, Senior BigFix Field Engineer

James is an integral part of BFX Global, bringing over 20 years of professional IT experience serving both the public and private sectors. His ability to effectively communicate highly technical information to audiences at all levels of technical understanding is essential in his role as a field engineer. Within the company, James serves as a liaison between our engineers and executive management on the Board of Directors for AGI Enterprises.

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