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BigFix Platform 9.5.13 Upgrade Warning

BigFix Platform 9.5.13 Upgrade Warning

If haven’t been keeping up to date on the latest news in the IBM BigFix world, HCL Technologies announced the official acquisition of select IBM products this past month. Part of the $1.8 Billion-dollar deal this past month was BigFix. This short blog won’t cover this acquisition as you can a quick Google search and uncover multiple articles providing information about HCL officially taking over. This post covers a known issue with the latest 9.5.13 release for the BigFix Platform.

BigFix 9.5.13 was released May of this past year, and, along with the release, came a couple of new features. A few highlights include:

  • Enhance security with new network communication options between Relays

  • Troubleshoot Client/Relay communication issues more efficiently

  • Delete Registry keys natively using actionscript

  • Removal of Flash dependency in Web Report

There are a handful of other product enhancements, and you can find the full set of release notes here:!/wiki/90553c0b-42eb-4df0-9556-d3c2e0ac4c52/page/IBM%20BigFix%209.5.13%20Release%20Notes

Depending on how your enterprise handles recently released upgrades, you may already be running the latest version of the platform. Some people like to stay behind a version or two, and they will upgrade then all the bugs have been worked out in the latest release. Smart move when it comes to any sort of application upgrade. Well, like a lot of products, this upgrade introduced a bug that is affecting some BigFix users at random, and it is only if you are running BigFix platform 9.5.13 and BigFix Inventory 9.2.15.

BigFix Inventory was released March of this past year, and, if you are not running the latest version of Inventory, you can find the upgrade notes here:

A few of our customers upgrade both applications as they were released, and there were no reported issues from their upgrades, so the bug does not seem to affect all BigFix users. However, I did learn that a few BigFix users were starting to report issues with Inventory data imports, so we told all customers to temporarily hold off on the most recent platform upgrade until official word was released on a fix to the import issues.

Last month, IBM released an official bug warning for users running Inventory that they may experience a data import error message stating: ERROR: Sequel::DatabaseError: DBNAME: BFENT - Java::ComIbmDb2JccAm::SqlException: The file system is full. IBM released the following message “On License Metric Tool (LMT) or BigFix Inventory (BFI) version which is configured with BigFix platform version 9.5.13, the import of data might fail with the following error message: ERROR: Sequel::DatabaseError: DBNAME: BFENT - Java::ComIbmDb2JccAm::SqlException: The file system is full”.

IBM will not be releasing an automated fix for the import failures. However, they did release this workaround “You can use the workaround to fix this issue.

Edit the following LMT/BFI file:


Make the following changes:


remote_database_version >= 9.44

To :

remote_database_version >= 9.44 || (remote_database_version.to_s.length > 4 && remote_database_version.to_s[0..1] == "9.")

You can find the IBM article at this link:

It is a simple, manual work around to help clear up any import issues, or, you can wait until 9.2.16 is released, and the issue will no longer be present. There are a lot of use features in the latest platform release, so don’t let this minor issue impact your upgrade schedule. If you have any Inventory import problems, you now have the quick fix to get your data importing again.

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