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Reduction and Savings Assessment – 40 hours
(24 hours On-site & 16 hours Remote)


  • This service is recommended for customers with over 300 endpoints for the best results.

  • This service includes evaluation of power management and usage; best practices and implementation guidance; enforcement of corporate power profiles; and assistance with reporting requirements.

  • This service includes a consumable IT energy study of customer endpoints over the period of four (4) weeks with actual power meters connected to each monitored endpoint. There is a hard deliverable of a Sustainable IT Power Reduction ROI Summary Report and recommendations for implemented savings and configurations. {Average yearly savings of $42 per endpoint}. This savings assessment will take place over a period of four to six (4-6) weeks depending on the yearly cycle of energy consumption.

This offering consists of no more than forty (40) hours of service, with no more than twenty-four (24) hours delivered on-site over the course of three (3) business days {one day for content deployment/configuration; one day for monitoring equipment setup and deployment; and one day at the end of the assessment to gather reports and equipment}, with an additional sixteen (16) hours of service delivered remotely.

*Travel and Expenses are not included.

If you have a need for something that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

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