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Our mission is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to use BigFix Technology effectively and efficiently. We can provide onsite or virtual classes for your team members with a simulated learning environment for hands-on lab work during the training classes.  All of our classes come with student manuals and student exercise guides as well for an inclusive price per student.  We are an HCL Certified Partner and our trainers are BigFix Certified.

We are currently offering the following BigFix Classes that can be customized to fit your training needs:

  •  Introduction to the BigFix Enterprise Suite (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Administrator Training (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Console Operator Training (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Web Reports Training (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Console and Administrator Fundamentals (3 Days)

  •  BigFix Advanced Topics and Custom Authoring (4-5 Days)

  •  BigFix Relevance Language & Custom Content Creation (3 days)

  •  BigFix Security and Compliance Fundamentals (3 Days)

  •  BigFix Patch Management (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Inventory (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Server Automation for v 9.5 (1 Day)

  •  BigFix Lifecycle Management – Remote Control (1 Day)




Contact us directly with any training related questions.